ECG Technologies

Staff Augmentation


A big budget project, new or old, can be a daunting task. Tight schedules and quick deadlines are not possible without a proper staff. At ECG Technologies, we understand this and which is why we provide staff augmentation services.

Skill Requirements

When it comes to big projects, an under-qualified team will not work for you. We ascertain your employees and add the deficit skills.

Publishing Job Vacancy Ads

When the staff requirement is substantial, staff augmentation process helps save significantly on perks and benefit schemes.

Selection of Personnel

No matter what the task is, ECG Technologies offers you a wide selection of employees. To get the job done right, we only provide highly skilled individuals.

Conducting test and interview

We assist you with conducting test and interviews along with various factors involved in making the delicate decisions.

Selection of employee and agreement

We look into your requirements and use that as our base-point to build a team just right for you.

Defined Solutions

Our staff augmentation services offer you the best solutions to every problem.

Selection the best candidate for the job

Our staffing solutions are right on point. We ascertain your requirements and chalk-out a team just for your business.