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The most important thing connected to technology is data. Data management is a very important task. Your data is very valuable. As your company grows and adapts to the change in rules, you need to be flexible in the efficient management of data. Oracle delivers the most complete and integrated, not to mention extremely secured database and database management solution.

With this course, you will be able to understand Oracle’s provision of enterprise-scale database technology available virtually, anywhere in the world. The Oracle Database is known as the very first database created and designed for enterprise grid computing. It is the most flexible and cost-effective way towards database management. The enterprise grid computing is expected to create an industry standard, modular storage, and servers in large numbers. The Oracle architecture benefits the community by reducing workloads and manual efforts.

How will this course benefit you?

  • This course will thoroughly explain the concepts of Oracle database. The Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit.
  • This course will help learners to understand the main purpose of the database which is storage and retrieval of necessary information.
  • The learners will also be explained about the server and how it reliably manages a large amount of data in a multiuser environment. This benefits many users by permitting them to concurrently access the same data.
  • This course will also focus on Oracle architecture and database structures. It will make people familiarise with the logical structures and physical structures. The physical and logical structures are separate hence the management of either structure is not affected by the other.
  • It briefly explains benefits of grid computing, core tenets of grid computing, application grid, information grid and infrastructure grid.
  • This course also provides immense training on PL/SQL database programming language by thoroughly covering syntax, structures and the various features of the language in regard to the application of database and programming.
  • This course is carefully structured to make the learners understand the structure of program units stored within the database, building and maintaining stored procedure, functions, packaged programs and database triggers.
  • This course will also include some additional topics related to advantages of advanced programming techniques like cursor variables and cursor expressions.

With the help of easy video tutorials and lectures, this course is very helpful for new learners as well as advanced learners. Along with the video tutorials and lectures, this course involves loads of assignments that help the students to grasp the concepts more effectively.


30 Hours

Beginner Level

English ( Default Launguage )