ECG Technologies

Position - BI Developer w/Tableau

Company - American Customer Care

Type - Full Time

Primary Skills - BI Developer, Tableau, T-SQL, SQL

Location - Connecticut, CT


  • Good grasp of data/source quality and how that affects analysis Additionally a good grasp of correlation vs causation
  • Create and manage a repository data visualization templates ii. Documenting data sources, data items, and techniques for future reference by people both within and outside of the organization.
  • At least a year of working in depth with Tableau creating Visualizations, Dashboards and Stories Tableau Certification preferred but not required
  • Ability to write and understand complex T-SQL queries involving multiple joins and nested objects
  • Knowledge of query performance tuning
  • Knowledge of SQL views and stored procedures and their appropriate use
  • Knowledge of SQL indexing and performance tuning using indexes
  • Understanding of what constitutes sensitive information such as, but not limited to, Personally Identifiable Information, Protected Health Information, and Payment Card Information
  • General knowledge on protecting the above
  • Must have strong verbal and writing skills. Maybe called upon to present in front of clients.
  • Excellent benefits!!!
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