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  • Date - 31 Mar 2018

Staff augmentation refers to the selection of employees according to the extra set of skills they have to offer, for helping business initiatives of various scales in both long and short terms. These employees act as an extension to the on the site development staff. Staff augmentation is very effective in contributing towards the success of an organization. Staff augmentation helps businesses come up with employees who are efficient, qualified and committed to the task. This activity obliterates the requirement of engaging with the staff directly and thus save loads of money. Many organizations use staff augmentation to develop their products.

Here are some of the benefits of staff augmentation.


Engineering a business in today’s world is not a frugal task and many new firms are able to establish what the society demands. Most successful companies in today’s world have developed a strategic approach to building their staff to a level of around 85% of the peak needs. The rest is recruited from services companies that can offer quality engineers with the appropriate skill set for working on various projects. It is important to realize the requirements for the products under development and get skilled engineers who can construct the internal organization to the right level for long-term needs.

Organisations require much-specialized skills for a definite project and may not want to conduct the training of new staff or hire new employees for this specific task. They can move forward with the staff augmentation of the organization with contract engineers well skilled in the necessary fields related to the project. This will help in the development of the project, supervise a permanent employee, set up project plans and fulfill all the needs.

Staff augmentation makes sense in a situation which brings forth an uncertainty regarding the future that highlights whether the company is going to experience growth or endure downsizing. A company stuck with this thought may still get the demand for increased staffing for short term in order to finish off a project. Hiring permanent employees in this situation might not be a wise decision. Staff augmentation proves very beneficial in these situations.

Projects often require changes and new developments, maintaining a good relationship with your services partner will ensure a quick response to your impromptu changes in the project. Your services partner is someone who understands your technology needs and staffing. They can quickly contribute towards the required changes and help you meet those deadlines very easily.

Hence staff augmentation is effective in strategically building up a strong business which focuses on development, cost cutting options and steady functioning of an organization. Staff augmentation is one of the leading factors to the successful conduct of a business and working of an organization.