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  • Date - 31 Mar 2018

We are always trying to keep ourselves updated with the latest technological trends, fashion trends and what not. With the year 2018 in progress, there have been significant increases in recruiting trends that will definitely impact your recruitment process.  These latest recruitment trends are the ideal guides for enhancing the recruitment procedure by developing effective strategies.

The hottest trends in recruitment 2018 are:

It has been observed by a recent survey that the hiring process is going to increase. Recruiters will now be hiring more people in the year 2018 than they did in previous years. While 29% of the recruiters are going to stand firm on their initial headcount, 10% have decided to go forward with their reduction in hiring. The strong economy is one of the major reasons behind this trend.  Increase in recruitment implies more effectively working recruitment teams and the increased requirement for additional resources.

According to recent surveys, 41% of the recruiters have emphasized the importance of entry-level jobs. They have stressed on the statement that entry-level positions are the hardest to occupy. In contrary, 21% believe that executive level positions are hardest to fill.

Many retailers have decided to increase their minimum salary to allure new entry-level applicants. It has also been suggested that companies will start with the provision of incentives and acceptance of hardworking entry level candidates without prior experience.

Recruiting teams are also going to use software for correct and accurate screening and sourcing of candidates who match the entry-level position requirements.

Recruiting teams of various companies are haunted by the tag of a bad reputation for their recruiting process. They are worried that the feedback would entail comments that reflect the slow, outdated and unfriendly practices of recruitments. So, organizations have started emphasizing on providing a great experience for aspiring candidates. The year 2018 will experience the growing importance of the statement ‘the candidate as a consumer’. Just like any consumer, candidates expect real-time, immediate updates and access information regarding their job applications. They want to see technological resources put into use.

2018 might see the adoption of recruitment chatbots since surveys conducted conclude that candidates are indeed comfortable with chatbots managing their interview schedule and preparation. Candidates are fully supportive of using alternated means of communication if that speeds up the job search and application process.

In 2018, top recruitment trends will include the focus and emphasis on quality over quantity. This implies that organizations will now adapt to the new technologies and use software tools to improve the recruitment procedure.

2018 will see the increased usage of Artificial intelligence in recruitment processes. Other software tools like smart automation can be used to learn the requirements of a job profile, scan candidate databases to come up with candidates of right qualification and then assign grades to identify ideal candidates.

With the world adapting to the latest trends in every field, recruitment processes are going to reach new heights with the advent of new, enhanced and effective trends in 2018.