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  • Date - 30 Mar 2018

Virtual Reality is defined as a computer-generated representation of the three-dimensional world that can be accessed through a special electronic helmet with a screen inside or gloves embedded with sensors. Virtual reality is earning its name in the entertainment industry by effectively improving graphics in movies and enhancing the gaming experience.  Nowadays many organizations have started realizing the importance and practical applications of virtual reality. Many organizations are implementing virtual reality in their recruitment procedure as well.

Many businesses have taken themselves forward with the virtual reality technology by making remote workers feel as if they are actually working in an office and hence make them feel they are more involved in the team.

Companies are implementing the use of virtual reality helmets at job fairs to attract potential candidates and top talents. The incorporation of virtual reality in recruitment processes creates a more personalized recruitment experience. The use of latest technology is effective in selling your company to the upcoming generation, who have been more involved with the advancement of technology. It also shows that the company is updated with all the newest technological resources.

Virtual reality is effective in alluring employees. Conducting virtual tours of the office is an amazing way of displaying the work environment to your recruited candidates.

Hiring committee can examine the levels of adeptness of a candidate using the virtual reality concept.

Sometimes candidates do not perform well in an interview. They might be shy but that doesn’t mean that the particular candidate is unskilled and not fit for the position. Gender might also create a bias in interviews. Recruiters are focusing on implementing virtual reality concept to conduct the interview process in a fair and just manner.

The use of virtual reality technology might seem like a lucrative investment because it requires the combined work of graphic designers, programmers, and many others to come up with the virtual reality scenario. But you do not necessarily require expensive resources. Virtual reality is possible with cheaper reality devices like Google cardboard or Daydream VR.

Virtual reality is the upcoming latest technology which is gradually finding its way to be more prominent in our daily lives. Along with its practical uses, it is safe to say that virtual reality is fun to work with. The aspiring candidates will end up having an enjoyable time interviewing with your company and they even may be able to grasp the reason why or why not they were selected by the firm. The application of virtual reality will lead to the formation of better decisions by the recruiting team as well.