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  • Date - 30 Mar 2018

Presenting a well structured and concise resume is very essential in the professional world. Your resume is expected to display your personality, skills, and thoughts. If you have worked hard enough to go for interviews and did not bag any opportunities repeatedly, an improper resume may be at fault. We commit a lot of mistakes on our resume unknowingly which might impede our recruitment phase.

 Here are the 5 Worst Resume mistakes to avoid:

Do not commence with an objective:

A maximum number of resumes begins with a two-three liner objective which highlights the goals and ambitions of the candidate. The hiring committee finds this information irrelevant. They are only interested in knowing what you, as a potential candidate has to offer for the development of the hiring firm. Instead of using an objective, you can start off with a sentence concisely mentioning what you have to offer. Something like:

“A senior journalist with an experience of 10 years, focusing on political and social issues.”

Over usage of clichéd phrases:

We tend to overuse certain words and phrases which makes the resume highly mundane. Redundancy is never a strong concept in these cases. Make your resume brief and informative. Provide all the necessary information is a very concise way that will help the recruiter analyze what kind of candidate they are interviewing.

Focus on what you have achieved:

Many recruiters couldn’t care any less about what responsibilities you had. They are keener in knowing what the consequences of those responsibilities were. They are more focused on the results.

Avoid typographical errors:

Bad grammar is the mother of nightmares-both for the recruiter and as well as the candidate. A recruiter would instantly reject you if they find grammatical and typographical errors in your resume. Remember, your resume is a short document that represents you and extensive sloppiness, misspellings and errors would only bring out the fact that you are clearly not a skilled individual. Therefore avoid committing errors and proofread the document before printing or sending it to your dream company.

Do not put up incorrect or made-up information:

Always focus on providing the correct and true information on your resume. Recruiters enquire on the basis of whatever content you have written in your resume. If you are not fluent in speaking Japanese, do not mention it on your resume. The recruiters might find that particular information relevant to their requirements and might provide you with some task related to that.

If you really want to bag that dream job, then these are the few mistakes you have to keep an eye on and avoid making them. Any mistake, big or small is powerful enough to get that rejection letter from the company and leave you disheartened.