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Importance of staff augmentation

Staff augmentation refers to the selection of employees according to the extra set of skills they have to offer, for helping business initiatives of various scales in both long and short terms. These employees act as an extension to the on the site development staff. Staff augmentation is very effective in contributing towards the success of an organization. Staff augmentation helps businesses come up with employees who are efficient, qualified and committed to the task. This activity obliterates the requirement of engaging with the staff directly and thus save loads of money. Many organizations use staff augmentation to develop their products.

Here are some of the benefits of staff augmentation.


Engineering a business in today’s world is not a frugal task and many new firms are able to establish what the society demands. Most successful companies in today’s world have developed a strategic approach to building their staff to a level of around 85% of the peak needs. The rest is recruited from services companies that can offer quality engineers with the appropriate skill set for working on various projects. It is important to realize the requirements for the products under development and get skilled engineers who can construct the internal organization to the right level for long-term needs.

Organisations require much-specialized skills for a definite project and may not want to conduct the training of new staff or hire new employees for this specific task. They can move forward with the staff augmentation of the organization with contract engineers well skilled in the necessary fields related to the project. This will help in the development of the project, supervise a permanent employee, set up project plans and fulfill all the needs.

Staff augmentation makes sense in a situation which brings forth an uncertainty regarding the future that highlights whether the company is going to experience growth or endure downsizing. A company stuck with this thought may still get the demand for increased staffing for short term in order to finish off a project. Hiring permanent employees in this situation might not be a wise decision. Staff augmentation proves very beneficial in these situations.

Projects often require changes and new developments, maintaining a good relationship with your services partner will ensure a quick response to your impromptu changes in the project. Your services partner is someone who understands your technology needs and staffing. They can quickly contribute towards the required changes and help you meet those deadlines very easily.

Hence staff augmentation is effective in strategically building up a strong business which focuses on development, cost cutting options and steady functioning of an organization. Staff augmentation is one of the leading factors to the successful conduct of a business and working of an organization.

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Hottest Trends in recruitment Process 2018

We are always trying to keep ourselves updated with the latest technological trends, fashion trends and what not. With the year 2018 in progress, there have been significant increases in recruiting trends that will definitely impact your recruitment process.  These latest recruitment trends are the ideal guides for enhancing the recruitment procedure by developing effective strategies.

The hottest trends in recruitment 2018 are:

It has been observed by a recent survey that the hiring process is going to increase. Recruiters will now be hiring more people in the year 2018 than they did in previous years. While 29% of the recruiters are going to stand firm on their initial headcount, 10% have decided to go forward with their reduction in hiring. The strong economy is one of the major reasons behind this trend.  Increase in recruitment implies more effectively working recruitment teams and the increased requirement for additional resources.

According to recent surveys, 41% of the recruiters have emphasized the importance of entry-level jobs. They have stressed on the statement that entry-level positions are the hardest to occupy. In contrary, 21% believe that executive level positions are hardest to fill.

Many retailers have decided to increase their minimum salary to allure new entry-level applicants. It has also been suggested that companies will start with the provision of incentives and acceptance of hardworking entry level candidates without prior experience.

Recruiting teams are also going to use software for correct and accurate screening and sourcing of candidates who match the entry-level position requirements.

Recruiting teams of various companies are haunted by the tag of a bad reputation for their recruiting process. They are worried that the feedback would entail comments that reflect the slow, outdated and unfriendly practices of recruitments. So, organizations have started emphasizing on providing a great experience for aspiring candidates. The year 2018 will experience the growing importance of the statement ‘the candidate as a consumer’. Just like any consumer, candidates expect real-time, immediate updates and access information regarding their job applications. They want to see technological resources put into use.

2018 might see the adoption of recruitment chatbots since surveys conducted conclude that candidates are indeed comfortable with chatbots managing their interview schedule and preparation. Candidates are fully supportive of using alternated means of communication if that speeds up the job search and application process.

In 2018, top recruitment trends will include the focus and emphasis on quality over quantity. This implies that organizations will now adapt to the new technologies and use software tools to improve the recruitment procedure.

2018 will see the increased usage of Artificial intelligence in recruitment processes. Other software tools like smart automation can be used to learn the requirements of a job profile, scan candidate databases to come up with candidates of right qualification and then assign grades to identify ideal candidates.

With the world adapting to the latest trends in every field, recruitment processes are going to reach new heights with the advent of new, enhanced and effective trends in 2018.

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Virtual Reality in Recruiting Agencies - Can it Work?

Virtual Reality is defined as a computer-generated representation of the three-dimensional world that can be accessed through a special electronic helmet with a screen inside or gloves embedded with sensors. Virtual reality is earning its name in the entertainment industry by effectively improving graphics in movies and enhancing the gaming experience.  Nowadays many organizations have started realizing the importance and practical applications of virtual reality. Many organizations are implementing virtual reality in their recruitment procedure as well.

Many businesses have taken themselves forward with the virtual reality technology by making remote workers feel as if they are actually working in an office and hence make them feel they are more involved in the team.

Companies are implementing the use of virtual reality helmets at job fairs to attract potential candidates and top talents. The incorporation of virtual reality in recruitment processes creates a more personalized recruitment experience. The use of latest technology is effective in selling your company to the upcoming generation, who have been more involved with the advancement of technology. It also shows that the company is updated with all the newest technological resources.

Virtual reality is effective in alluring employees. Conducting virtual tours of the office is an amazing way of displaying the work environment to your recruited candidates.

Hiring committee can examine the levels of adeptness of a candidate using the virtual reality concept.

Sometimes candidates do not perform well in an interview. They might be shy but that doesn’t mean that the particular candidate is unskilled and not fit for the position. Gender might also create a bias in interviews. Recruiters are focusing on implementing virtual reality concept to conduct the interview process in a fair and just manner.

The use of virtual reality technology might seem like a lucrative investment because it requires the combined work of graphic designers, programmers, and many others to come up with the virtual reality scenario. But you do not necessarily require expensive resources. Virtual reality is possible with cheaper reality devices like Google cardboard or Daydream VR.

Virtual reality is the upcoming latest technology which is gradually finding its way to be more prominent in our daily lives. Along with its practical uses, it is safe to say that virtual reality is fun to work with. The aspiring candidates will end up having an enjoyable time interviewing with your company and they even may be able to grasp the reason why or why not they were selected by the firm. The application of virtual reality will lead to the formation of better decisions by the recruiting team as well.

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5 Worst Resume mistakes to avoid

Presenting a well structured and concise resume is very essential in the professional world. Your resume is expected to display your personality, skills, and thoughts. If you have worked hard enough to go for interviews and did not bag any opportunities repeatedly, an improper resume may be at fault. We commit a lot of mistakes on our resume unknowingly which might impede our recruitment phase.

 Here are the 5 Worst Resume mistakes to avoid:

Do not commence with an objective:

A maximum number of resumes begins with a two-three liner objective which highlights the goals and ambitions of the candidate. The hiring committee finds this information irrelevant. They are only interested in knowing what you, as a potential candidate has to offer for the development of the hiring firm. Instead of using an objective, you can start off with a sentence concisely mentioning what you have to offer. Something like:

“A senior journalist with an experience of 10 years, focusing on political and social issues.”

Over usage of clichéd phrases:

We tend to overuse certain words and phrases which makes the resume highly mundane. Redundancy is never a strong concept in these cases. Make your resume brief and informative. Provide all the necessary information is a very concise way that will help the recruiter analyze what kind of candidate they are interviewing.

Focus on what you have achieved:

Many recruiters couldn’t care any less about what responsibilities you had. They are keener in knowing what the consequences of those responsibilities were. They are more focused on the results.

Avoid typographical errors:

Bad grammar is the mother of nightmares-both for the recruiter and as well as the candidate. A recruiter would instantly reject you if they find grammatical and typographical errors in your resume. Remember, your resume is a short document that represents you and extensive sloppiness, misspellings and errors would only bring out the fact that you are clearly not a skilled individual. Therefore avoid committing errors and proofread the document before printing or sending it to your dream company.

Do not put up incorrect or made-up information:

Always focus on providing the correct and true information on your resume. Recruiters enquire on the basis of whatever content you have written in your resume. If you are not fluent in speaking Japanese, do not mention it on your resume. The recruiters might find that particular information relevant to their requirements and might provide you with some task related to that.

If you really want to bag that dream job, then these are the few mistakes you have to keep an eye on and avoid making them. Any mistake, big or small is powerful enough to get that rejection letter from the company and leave you disheartened.

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6 Criteria for Evaluating a job applicant

Recruiters are always looking for candidates who, along with their technical and academic knowledge possess a set of soft skills. An employer would never hire a candidate who only knows the technical concepts but fails at leadership, communicative and analytical skills. Soft skills are personal qualities that help a candidate mingle well with the office environment and colleagues.

Mentioned below are a few ways by which recruiters access candidate skills:

Communication skills and personality:

Communication skills are very essential in an organization and it is the very first level of assessment. A recruiter is always going to first notice the body language of the candidate the moment she/he enters the room. Harboring a good body language and effective communication skills will definitely help a candidate bag the position. Good communication skills entail manners, appropriate pitching and voice modulation. A recruiter should be able to believe that the candidate is not an introvert or a shy individual. The recruiter needs to believe that the candidate will be able to mingle with everyone and communicate effectively to get the job done. A good, well written, error-free resume letter is the first tip-off that gives the recruiter an idea about the articulacy of the candidate. The oratory part of communication skills is gradually assessed as the interview proceeds.


Every recruiter wants a candidate who can manage and take initiatives. A candidate should have good problem-solving skills and should be willing to take the initiative to solve a particular crisis. This in return builds up the trust that is required between an employer and an employee. Recruiters assess this skill by asking the candidate how they had helped in solving a critical situation in the past.

Ability to collaborate and mingle with others:

Employers always want a candidate adept in team building and team working. The ability to work in a team is a crucial one that results in faster accomplishment of goals. Cooperation reduces the workload on each employee and brings forth a satisfactory outcome.

Critical thinking:

Critical thinking is an essential skill which requires years of practice. Employers try to find the ideal candidate by putting forward a series of hypothetical situations and asking the candidate to analyze them by putting forward their strategies on how to tackle it. Critical thinking highlights the maturity level in a candidate as well.

Ability to learn from mistakes:

The ability to learn from past mistakes shows that the candidate is open to criticism and acceptance. It shows that the candidate has grown and evolved. Recruiters try to assess this skill in the interviews.

Technical and academic skills:

Interviewers always focus on the basics of any topic related to the field of study. They strongly feel that if the candidate is thoroughly polished with the basics then it will not take much time for the candidate to grasp the complex topics.

Therefore being adept in the above skills definitely increases the chances of a candidate being hired. A candidate should be able to answer and display their skills in an effective manner.




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